2013 CURRENT - Executive Team – Harman Professional Group

Harman Professional is one of three divisions of Harman International and serves the professional audio market, with customers including broadcast TV studios, theatres, recording artists, touring bands & musicians, concert arenas, hotel chains, home enthusiasts, semi-pro musicians and airports. In addition to my operational role, I am a member of the Harman Professional Group Executive Team

2010 - 2013 HARMAN - President Mixer, Microphones & Headphones SBU

In May 2010, my operational role was expanded to include AKG in Austria. Complete responsibility for all Harman Professional businesses in Europe, including:-
• Soundcraft (London)
• Studer (Zurich)
• AKG (Vienna)
My businesses have enjoyed steady growth over the last 4 years and in FY12 (July 2011 – June 2012), all businesses had their best ever year, returning a combined EBIT of 17.5% ROS. Growth in FY12 was +30% (revenue) and +77% (EBIT).

2004 - 2010 HARMAN - President Mixer Group

Responsible for two sites in the Mixer Group – Soundcraft (London) & Studer (Zurich) Developed strategic plan for the Mixer Group resulting in:-
• Integrating Studer Switzerland and Soundcraft Potters Bar.
• Transferring the BSS brand to a sister company based in Salt Lake City, USA.
• Investment of $7m in new state of the art SMT equipment in Potters Bar manufacturing facility.
• Completely renovating the Potters Bar premises with approx. $2m investment.
• Transfer manufacturing of Studer configured products to UK Potters Bar, improving margins.
• Relocate restructured Swiss team to new premises
• Outsourcing mainstream Soundcraft & Studer manufacturing to China to improve product margins
• Divesting in two low performing brands.
• Utilising Studer digital technology to create a new range of Soundcraft digital products.
Reduced headcount across business unit by over 500 to improve profitability. Introduced a very aggressive new product introduction process. Reduced operating expenses by over 10% Increased profitability, moving from loss making to ROS of 10% (FY08) and 17% (FY12) Invested in long-term product direction Implemented LEAN manufacturing in Potters Bar facility Implementing SAP in Switzerland and UK Implementing Six Sigma in UK Experienced dealing with highly aggressive unions (Switzerland) Highly experienced in working with large US corporations

2003 - 2004 HARMAN - Managing Director Soundcraft

Joined Harman as Managing Director of the Soundcraft business unit in London. The business was in bad shape, loss making, poor product portfolio, low morale, out of date technology and tired market perception. The first year was focused on rebuilding the Executive Team, reducing costs, overhauling the product portfolio, rejuvenating R&D, analysing / changing business processes, instilling belief in the staff and laying foundations for growth based around a ‘bigger picture’ strategic plan. This plan started to be implemented in March 2004.

1999 – 2003 PACE MICRO TECHNOLOGY PLC - Divisional CEO

Tasked with forming a new division to achieve P&L growth of non Set Top Box related products. Identified non-profitable areas of the business and refocused where necessary. Retarget the Vegastream engineering team to achieve >50% margins. Re-focus, re-organise and integrate the Vegastream business into the Pace corporate culture. Delivered InternetTV contract to Bush/Alba. Development of new product concepts and business plans including ‘Gateway Expander’ home networking device. Pace Interim and full year briefings to city analysts, national & trade press. Conducted various national & trade briefing activities and interviews.

1999 – 2001 PACE MICRO TECHNOLOGY PLC - Director of Technology & Strategic Development

Formation of a new team made up of senior engineers and strategic business development people. Responsible for Product Management function. Helped to set-up new ‘Technology Centre’ in Bracknell, UK relocating staff from Yorkshire. Development of corporate ‘innovation culture’. Introduction and development of corporate patent scheme. Developed/launched visionary initiatives ‘The Networked Home’ and ‘Evolving the set-top box into the Home Gateway’. Gave over twenty public addresses worldwide and made three TV appearances (CNBC, BBC & Sky News). Interim and full year briefings to city analysts, national & trade press. Helped change the image of Pace from ‘dumb set-top box manufacturer’ to ‘technology leader and innovator’.

1997 – 1999 PACE MICRO TECHNOLOGY PLC - Engineering Director, Cable Products

Appointed to the Pace Executive Team. Involved in corporate city & analyst presentations Recruited, managed, motivated and organised a team of 70 engineers. Won Europe’s first ‘interactive’ digital cable contract with Cable & Wireless Communications. Won further digital cable contracts with NTL and Telewest. Combined total of over 3m units shipped – total revenue of over £600m. Worked with Cisco, Nagra, Microsoft, Liberate, Broadcom, Nortel and other leading technology companies. Helped to win Pace’s first contract in USA with AOL Time Warner for 750,000 digital cable STB’s worth approx $150m.

1995 – 1997 PACE MICRO TECHNOLOGY PLC - Engineering Manager, Cable Products

Built Pace's first cable TV team and developed & deployed:-
• Analog cable TV set-top boxes for Foxtel - 750,000 units delivered
• The worlds first DVB cable box for Stream, Italy - 60,000 units
• Analog satellite master antenna TV cable headend
Spent much of 1997 working in USA developing a cable STB for TCI – then the world’s largest cable operator. Worked with General Instrument (now Motorola). Made first TV appearance (Tomorrow’s World)


Worked as ‘hands-on’ R&D and Business Development Manager. Developed a patented line shuffle video scrambling system reduced to a 10K gate mixed technology ASIC. Developed an analog scrambling system reduced to an analog ASIC. Licensed the ASIC’s to Nokia, Bang & Olufsen, Hypervision, Zenith and Norsat. Developed a business TV system using in-house ASIC’s. Sold BusinessTV system to LWT London Studios and Eurotransmed medical TV service. Engineering involved ASIC, FPGA design, high speed logic, RF, analog video and audio.

1987 – 1991 STUDIOMASTER PLC - Digital Design Engineer

Developed embedded hardware & software for a range of mixing consoles and effects units.
Developed the midi muting system used in many of the company’s mixer products.
Developed the company’s first effects unit – IDP1 digitally controlled dynamics processor
Knowledge of A/D, D/A converters, microcontrollers, MIDI interfacing, CAD design, digital & analog design.

1986 – 1987 FREELANCE - Digital Design Engineer – MicroVox

Developed a music sampler for the Commodore 64.
Developed both hardware & software for music recording product.
Technology included 8 bit A/D’s & D/A’s with audio companding + sophisticated audio software editing suite.

1983 – 1987 FREELANCE - Computer Software & Games Author

Wrote computer software & games for the Commodore range of personal computers.
Titles included six computer games (Commodore PET, C16 & C64) and four assemblers (6502, Z80)